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Look Out

2010-04-10 20:07:23 by ZtheG

look out for some of my new bands material. My band The Living Dead should post at least 3 songs in the next month or 2 ive just got to get them recorded nicely and they'll be up under my account. Were somewhere between Nirvana, Them Crooked Vultures and Probot if anyones wondering, but we are a new band so were obviously not nearly as good as any of the formentioned bands.

Music and Maybe Some Art

2009-08-16 14:35:14 by ZtheG

My computer I use to rcords a piece of junk but I hope to post new music soon and now that theres an art portal I shall fill it w deliciousness

I really don't care but now everyone is mad at him haha

Yo new stuff

2009-04-27 18:48:47 by ZtheG

not that anyone cares but BPP (my band) will be coming out w at least one new song in a couple of days just have to wait til next band practice to record and I believe Gravitys4Losers (our guitarist) has a new song coming soon so check out the new songs when they come out.

Z the G